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About Dr Mendel

Dr Rui Mendel has over 28 years experience as a psychiatrist. He did his training in psychiatry at the prestigious Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College in London and at the Department of Psychological Medicine, University of Otago, Dunedin. During his time in London he also had extensive training in anxiety disorders, including Phobias and OCD under the tutorship of Professor Isaac Marks as well as Marital and Sexual Dysfunction with Dr Michael Crow and Professor Michael King.

Following an invitation to work in Sydney, Australia, he took the opportunity to take on advanced training in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and Old Age Psychiatry before moving to Melbourne where he worked as Consultation-Liaison Psychiatrist and General Adult Psychiatrist for four years before returning to New Zealand.

More recently Dr Mendel completed a Clinical Transcranial Magnetic Certification Course at the prestigious Brain Stimulation Training program at MAPrc in Melbourne. He is the only psychiatrist offering rTMS treatment in New Zealand. Robust research shows rTMS to be an effective treatment for depression for those patient who have not responded to antidepressant medication, cannot tolerate their side-effects, or simply prefer a drug free treatment.

He is an elected International Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and a member of the World Health Organization' (WHO) Global Practice Network (GCPN), an international community of mental health and primary care professionals committed to furthering research and practice in global mental health.

He is married with two children, has a dog, a cat and goldfish. 

Dr Mendel is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

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