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Referrals & Appointments

Dr Mendel will take referrals from GP’s, concerned family and partners, and directly from you.
Initial appointments take approximately 1 hour and follow up appointments between 25 and 40 minutes according to the specific needs of each patient.

Costs inc. GST (credit cards incur a 3% surcharge)

Initial appointment: $475.00 (studentsunder 20y.o. $360.00)

Follow up (25 minutes): $240.00 (students under 20y.o. $180.00)

Assessment/therapy follow up (40 minutes): $285.00

Note: failure to attend a booked appointment will incurr full charges unles cancelled 24 hours or longer in advance

TMS courses:

1. Depression - $1,475.00 weekly (five sessions/week) for 4 to 6 weeks

2. Other psychiatric/neurological treatments - price on request

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