At Healing Minds our therapies focus on the diagnosis, treatments and prevention of mental, emotional and
behavioural problems.

You may be experiencing long-term feelings of sadness, hopelessness or anxiousness that never seem to lift, or problems functioning, causing every-day life to feel distorted or out of control. Other problems can be sudden, such
as panic attacks, dark thoughts or hearing voices.

We can help with all these problems with a range of treatments, including medication, psychotherapy and TMS

See table below for a quick comparison.

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Onset of Therapeutic Effects:

Onset of Therapeutic Effects:

7 - 10 days

Technical Aspects to note:

Patients are alert during the procedure, with no pre-treatment for preparation,   and no need for recovery time afterwards.

Treatment Duration:

2 to 6 weeks depending on protocol and diagnosis

Adverse Effects:

Light Headache.


Over 70% effective for those who did not respond to medication to psychotherapy

Treatment Efficacy:


Onset of Therapeutic Effects:

Onset of Therapeutic Effects:

6 - 10 days

Technical Aspects:

Full medical team with anaesthetist and nurses.  Pre and post anaesthetics

preparation cuidados. Post anaesthetics recovery time required.

Treatment Duration:

usually 6 to 12 sessions every other day

Adverse Effects

General Anaesthesia Risks | Fractures | 

Confusional States | Memory Problems


evidence for short term efficacy only

Treatment Efficacy:

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Onset of Therapeutic Effects:

Onset of Therapeutic Effects:

14 - 30 days

Technical Aspects:

Need for ongoing medical follow ups, and/or medication adjustments.


Treatment Duration:

weeks to years

Adverse Effects:

Headaches | Postural hypotension | Constipation | Glaucoma  |
Urinary retention | Stimulation / Drowsiness

Agranulocitosis | Erectile Dysfunction |
Loss of libido | Dry mouth/tooth decay

Nausea | Diarrhea | Accidental or intentional overdose. Those are some but not all possible side-effects

30% - 50% effective

Treatment Efficacy:



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TMS is a non-invasive technique for  modulating the brain, helping it going back to function in a healthy way. It is used to improve symptoms of depression and other psychiatric and neurological problems, by stimulating healthy communication between the nerve cells. This treatment should be especially considered if you have not responded to antidepressant medication, cannot tolerate their side-effects, or simply prefer a drug free treatment.

Book your appointment to see if TMS is right for you.